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The skin is a wondrous and vast organ, playing many important roles for the health, protection and regulation of the body. It’s also ever-changing and fragile, requiring on-going attention to maintain optimal health and avoid the 3000-odd skin concerns and disorders that it can be prone to. Not to mention the flow on effect it can have on our self-esteem, confidence and mental health

The good news is that the body’s natural skin cell turnover works innately and effectively to remove build-up and renew skin cells. The downside is that process occurs approximately every 27 days. Which means it needs a helping hand to perform optimally. Enter skincare, and specifically your daily cleansing ritual. The first and most important step in the routine, appropriate daily cleansing forms the base of your skin health and provides extensive benefits beyond simply rinsing the day away

Morning and evening, cleansing the skin (for at least 60 seconds) with a suitable product before rinsing will allow for the easy removal of dead skin cell buildup, excess sebum, product and sweat

Cleansing also boosts hydration, assists in keeping hair follicles clear for healthy sebum to flow to the skin’s surface to minimise acne and breakouts, and minimises signs of premature ageing and skin irritation. In tandem, cleansing and daily sun protection come together as the ‘bookends’ of a supportive skin routine, protecting, purifying and maintaining the integrity of your skin


Cleansing Scrubs

Suitable for combination, oily and normal skin types, Cleansing Facial Scrub offers gentle exfoliation with a refreshing cleanser base composed of Macrobiotic Sea Minerals and Passion Flower, with Sugarcane giving this product its skin-smoothing boost that can be used daily. Cleansing Facial Scrub is a high-performance two-in-one, ideal for someone looking to cut down on time and steps in their skin health routine

If you’re building your routine out for the first time, a cleansing scrub will offer a convenient facial cleanse to prep your skin for your wider ritual. Facial scrubs also boost skin circulation, easily remove unwanted debris and leave skin feeling smooth and primed



Balm Cleansers

Cleansing balms have become increasingly popular as a preferred method to cleanse dry or sensitive skin types, with a powerful ability to remove makeup, sunscreen and sebum without compromising the skin barrier in any way and ensuring your pH levels remain balanced

Highly anticipated, Charcoal Cleansing Stick is now back in stock, combining a powerful combination of purifying Activated Charcoal with super antioxidant Green Tea and soothing plant oils including Argan, Sesame and Argan

In a convenient stick format, you’re able to swipe on and massage into damp skin as the product works to deeply cleanse and remove impurities before rinsing clean – your skin receives all the benefits of an oil cleanser in a streamlined solid stick formula

Oil Cleansers

Oil cleansing has proven to be a highly efficient and gentle way to clean skin, ideal for almost all skin types (even acne-prone). Oil absorbs oil, so skin is still cleansed without stripping or drying, and in combination with gentle facial massage, oil cleansing provides a deep and relaxing way to cleanse. Importantly, oil cleansers work best when applied to dry skin, allowing it to emulsify and melt down on the surface before rinsing away with water once it has had the chance to work with the natural oils of the skin

When it comes to double cleansing, reach for an oil cleanser as your first step. While not required every day, double cleansing with a well-formulated oil cleanser removes every last remnant of makeup and sunscreen, and oil will often cut through heavier cosmetic products with ease. One oil cleanse may be enough on its own, or follow with a gel or cleansing scrub for a refreshing second cleanse

For dry and sensitive skin especially, oil cleansing boosts moisture during the cleansing process, leaving skin soft and hydrated rather than “squeaky clean”, and keeping skin protected with a light layer of moisture that remains on the skin


Balance is essential to skin health, so your skin may require different levels and frequency of cleansing depending on your lifestyle and skin type. In warmer weather, twice-daily cleansing may be essential to keep skin healthy and manageable, but keep an eye out for signs of over-cleansing, such as red or irritated skin, a “tight” sensation after rinsing, and a depleted or dehydrated appearance to the skin

For sensitive and dry skin types, once a day cleansing (often recommended in the evening to remove sunscreen or makeup from the day) may be perfectly adequate and still support skin health while preserving more protective skin sebum and oils to keep skin in equilibrium. For congested skin, try a weekly detoxifying, treatment mask, such as Charcoal Mud Mask, to deeply clean the skin and draw impurities to the surface, ready to be washed away


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